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Q. When is the Race?
   A. The 18th annual Race for the Cure will be held on April 11, 2015. Survivors need to be at the stage area by 7:20 a.m. for the survivor ceremony, as the Race begins at 8 a.m. This event will occur rain or shine. We reserve the right to cancel in extreme circumstances. In that event, there will be no refunds; rather, your entry fee will be used as a donation to the Komen San Antonio Race for the Cure

Q. Where is the Race?
   A. Alamodome, Lot C (100 Montana Street, San Antonio, Texas 78203)

Q. Where do I park?
   A. Click here for specific parking options and details. 

Q. How much is the registration fee?
   A. $35 - Adult Non-Competitive 5K
       $30 - Survivor Non-Competitive 5K
       $40 - Adult Competitive 5K
       $20 - Child 17 and Under
*Note: all prices will increase by $5.00 starting Monday, April 6, 2015, EXCEPT THE SURVIVOR NON-COMPETITIVE 5K. 

Q. Is my registration fee tax-deductible?
   A. No, your registration fee helps defray the costs of producing the Race and is not considered tax-deductible. However, any amount that you choose to donate above the entry fee is tax-deductible.

Q. What is included in the registration fee?
   A. You will get a Race number, a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® T-shirt, and a great feeling knowing you are helping locals get access to breast cancer care!

Q. How can I register?
   A. You can register online by clicking here. For paper 2016 Race registration brochures visit your local H-E-B or email info@sakomen.net.

Q. How will I receive my Race packet including T-shirt?
   A. The last mailing for packets is Friday, April 3rd at noon. Race packets have been mailing for ALL Race participants since mid-March. If you registered after April 3rd, please pick up your packet at our onsite registration locations. 

Q. How long is the Race?
   A. The Race is a 5K route, which is approximately 3.1 miles. There is also a shorter route option (approximately 1 mile). You may choose to walk or run either route. If you are unable to walk or run, you can still register and join us on Race day. We are always looking for people to cheer on our runners and walkers. Click here for a map of the race routes.

Q. How can I become a volunteer?
   A. The success of the Komen San Antonio Race depends heavily on the support we receive from our volunteers in the months leading up to the Race and on Race Day. Our 2015 Race volunteer registration will open late February 2015. Click here for more information.

Q. Are strollers and wheelchairs allowed at the event and on the Race course?
   A. Yes, however for safety reasons, we require that participants using them line up behind those who are running.

Q. Are pets, inline skates, bikes, motorized scooters, or skateboards allowed at the Race?
   A. For the safety of all participants, pets, inline skates, bikes, scooters, skateboards and pets are NOT allowed at the Race.

Q. What if it rains?
   A. Komen holds the right to cancel or change the date or location of the Race in its sole discretion, including in the circumstance of extreme weather. It is likely, however, that the event will happen rain or shine. Please dress accordingly.

Q. Who do we make the check payable to?
   A. Please make all checks payable to: Komen San Antonio.

Q. Should I bring money on Race day?
   A. Yes! Our official merchandise vendor will be selling official Komen gear, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Komen San Antonio.

Online FAQ

Q. Can I register someone else?
   A. Yes, however, each registration transaction requires its own email address. If you have registered others in the past using your email address, you may need to set up a free email account for the person you are trying to register.

Q. Can some of my team members register online and some offline with forms?
   A. Yes. There is no requirement to register one-way or the other. However, as team captain you will have to Form the Team online and register yourself online first. Choose your team name from last year or designate a new Team Name.

Q. Is my information secure?
   A. Yes, Convio, our service provider, has made every effort to protect your information. They use industry-standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure your credit card information, passwords and personal information travel securely over the Internet. They have also installed an encryption engine on our database server so your data is securely stored.

Q. How is my credit card information handled?
   A. Credit card information is not stored in our database. During the donation process, we send your credit card information to an online processing terminal using a secure connection. The information passed back is an approval or denial for the credit card donation.

Q. I forgot my username and password?
   A. Remember that your username and password are case sensitive. Go to the Welcome Page, click on login and follow directions on the user login page to request that your information be sent to you via email.

Q. How do I change my username and/or password?
   A. First, login to the site using your username and password. Once logged in you will see a link at the top of the page called "Update My Profile." Once in your profile, you will be able to change your contact information, e-mail address, username and password. All changes will be made to your account immediately. There is no need to sign in again.

Q. What is a Personal Page?
   A. A personal page is an online promotional tool for your use when asking your friends and family to join your team or sponsor you by making a donation. Once you sign up for an event online, by default, you will have a personal page created for you. You have the option of personalizing this page by going to your participant center. You will be able to customize images, text and the style/color layout of the page.

Q. By default I have a personal page, do I have to change it?
   A. Once you sign up for an event online, by default, you will have a personal page created for you. A compelling personal page attracts and engages supporters. While you can spread the word using customized e-mail solicitations, your personal campaign page can be your own creative expression of your commitment to the cause. Customize your page by selecting the layout and style that work best for you. Utilize the elements of text, photo and status indicators to their fullest advantage.

Q. How do I change my personal fundraising goal?
   A. First, you will need to login to your participant center. On the bottom right side of the participant center home page is the location to modify your personal fundraising goal. Enter your new goal and submit the changes.

Q. What is the difference between making my personal page private or public?
   A. By default, a personal page is Public, meaning your name will appear in the participant search list, and anyone accessing the site will be able to support you. Setting your personal page to Private means your name will not appear in the participant search list, and only people you personally invite will be able to support you.

Q. How do I register if my company is paying my registration fee?
   A. Your company must contact us to set up your team with a corporate billing form. A special designation will be given to the company contact to provide to registrants. It can be set up for your company to pay a dollar amount or a percent of the fee. The company will be invoiced after Race, in order to make the process as simple as possible.

Fundraising FAQ

Q. Does the Komen Race for the Cure® require fundraising?
   A. You are not required to fundraise, but we do encourage all participants to fundraise above the entry fee. Just Imagine the IMPACT - If every Race participant raises just $100 in addition to their registration fee, we would bring in an additional [$2,000,000 to support local screening, treatment and educational programs in our community!

Q. Does the money raised stay right here in our community?
   A. Yes! Seventy-five percent of the net income from the Race stays right here in our community to fund vital breast cancer health education and breast cancer screening and treatment programs. The remaining twenty-five percent supports Komen’s national research and training grants program

Q. Where do I send donations?
   A. Donations can be mailed to: P.O. Box 6678, San Antonio, TX, 78209. For donations on behalf of an individual participant or a team, please include that information with your check (noted on the memo line is OK).

Q. Is there a deadline for fundraising?
   A. All donations on your behalf that are received by May 11, 2015 will be credited to your fundraising total.

Q. When will I receive my fundraising incentives?
   A. Your fundraising incentives are calculated based on the total fundraising dollars you have collected. Incentives are mailed after the close of our Race fundraising season, and you can expect to receive your prize approximately 30 days after the prize is redeemed online (Summer 2015). Prizes are not cumulative.

Q. What are some ways I can fundraise for my team/my individual goal?
   A. We have plenty of ideas on our Fundraising Tips page! If you need more ideas or want to brainstorm with someone, please email Sarah at race@sakomen.net.

Q. Can we sell merchandise for fundraising on Race day?
   A. Neither teams or individuals are allowed to sell any type of merchandise on Race day.


Q. How do I form a team?
   A. Please visit the registration page and click Form a Team. Although we do encourage you to have at least 10 members on your team, there is no minimum requirement.

Q. What are the benefits of a team?
A. Forming or joining a team multiplies the fun you will have on Race day. You can create a team to celebrate a survivor or honor someone you have lost. You can also create a corporate team and get your entire company involved.

Q. Do teams have to fundraise?
   A. Teams are not required to fundraising but we strongly encourage fundraising. Fundraising as a team can be fun. Click here to get a list of fundraising events your team can do.

Q. How do I change my team name, team division or team goal?
   A. Only the team captain has the ability to change the team name or team division. The team captain will need to login to his/her participant center and click the "My Team Progress" button on the top right. On the Team Progress Page, team captains will have the ability to update the team name, division and goal.

Q. One of my team members registered as an individual when they meant to join my team. How do they correct this?
   A. Please contact race@sakomen.net to get this corrected.

Q. Can donations made to a team be split or shared among team members?
   A. We are unable to split or transfer donations between individual and team accounts.

Q. How can I see who is on my team?
   A. Login to the site using your Username and Password. Go to your Participant Center and click the "team progress" tab; this will allow you to view your team roster and the amounts raised by each team member.

Q. What is a team message?
   A. Simply go to your Participant Center and click the "Update Message to Team" button. This will allow you to make all necessary changes to your team message.

Q. Will there be an area for my team to meet-up on Race day?
   A. Due to the number of participants that participate in Race, there will be no designated area for teams to meet up. We encourage you to communicate with your team members ahead of time and identify a place in Lot C to meet up (example: near the stage, by the H-E-B tent, etc.)